Welcome to our website, here we will offer all the necessary information for you to have a general idea of our company and everything we do, the companies that are our customers, also the projects we are carrying, plus related news with these issues.

Who are we?

We are a consulting and management service company born in 2008 with extensive experience and expertise in various professional areas. We advise foreign investors, companies, groups of companies, countries and organizations in general.

We make lifting, get the information, identify the problem and then perform the strategy for the company to achieve the expected optimal results and accompany you during the process.

Our vision

We are focused on filling all the expectations of our customers, providing personalized service with effective advice to obtain the best decisions, contributing to the improved performance of the investor or the company.

Our mission

We provide services to foreign and local investors with advice and practical help in various sectors of professional activities, such as renewable energy projects, energy production and recycling from trash, real estate for development of large agricultural and tourism projects, films production, civil engineering, Agroplasticulture. In addition, we are a management company in all kinds of government permits in Dominican Republic.