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Port Modernization and Construction of International Trade Zone with Korean companies in the province of Barahona

Our company served as liaison between the Dominican Government and the Korean to begin a project that we were promoting so-called "Maritime Logistic Hub of the Caribbean" of converting to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Hub. For this we made contact with the Dominican Port Authority and the company ABID KOREA with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of Korea, to begin this project.

For these purposes, Dominican Port Authority issued a letter of intent to the Minister of the Korean institution and this promised to do a feasibility study (which haunts million dollars) to modernize the port city of Barahona and later International trade zone start.

In addition, the Dominican Port Authority promised to get all permits and government land to nearby Port International trade zone with Korean companies are built. On our visit we were in Korea facilities HYUNDAI shipyard and Natural Gas Distribution Company KOGAS and showed interest in the project when it materializes. The cost of this investment was dumped Feasibility Studies.