A Korean company dedicated to the consultancy and promotion of technological innovation projects, with an overview of business focused on renewable energy.
It is a company representative of the largest Korean companies with the interest of expanding their borders and having presence all over the world.

Account in its endorsement with projects of wind energy and solar on a large scale, production of energy through the biomass and management of landfills for the production of energy, recycling of the solid waste and proper handling of the final destination of the garbage. Projects that have Korean capital for development, in the financial modalities of Joint Venture and key on hand EPC.


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Dubai Holding has played an instrumental role in diversifying Dubai's economy across multiple industries. Collectively, our companies represent our involvement across 12 industries, continually driving support and growth of a sustainable, innovation-led economy in line with the UAE Government’s Vision 2021.


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Phoenix Industries, an environmental solutions company, is a worldwide leader for innovations in waste tire recycling processes and new technologies for asphalt rubber paving. Our primary focus is on the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of recycling facilities that address many of the growing waste problems facing our planet.


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Founded in Italy in 1981 by Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, heir of the Lamborghini family, today the company’s headquarters are located in the magnificent Palazzo del Vignola, a Renaissance villa just outside Bologna’s city walls. Mr. Lamborghini has taken inspiration from his family heritage and his vast experience in mechanical and automotive engineering to develop a lifestyle experience brand with a range of luxury design products, including: watches, eyewear, smartphones, perfumes, furniture, clothing, sports accessories, signature beverages, 5-star boutique hotels, lounges and restaurants. For more than 30 years, Tonino Lamborghini has been a byword for Made in Italy lifestyle. By staying true to the tradition and story of the Lamborghini family, the Tonino Lamborghini Company seeks to promote distinctive Italian style and taste.



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Through a qualified and known staff in the sector deriving from the Pedercini experience, studies and realizes modern systems with the purpose of rendering more easier and more fruitful the breeder work, counting on the products quality and maintaining itself in tune with the rules of the animal welfare. The offered solutions, are adapted also to still existing realities, they originate from a forty years’ experience time, and have the mere purpose to optimize the resources at disposition for a better global result of the company. Our company owns a workstation with personnel ready to use high sophisticate machinery. All products are produced using selected material, where it takes place a meticulous and continuous supervision of all production phases



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Omega Electric from Santo Domingo, is a enterprise of electrics contractors founded since july 14 of 1975, with 42 years of ininterrumped operation on the electric sector on Dominican Republic.

We have more than 400 projects in Dominican Republic in all electric areas as contractors from the electrical states enterprises (CDEE, EDES). We been working on hotels, urbanizations, airports, sports installations, department towers, offices and other related projects



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